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Manage Large Populations While Supporting Individual Needs

Providers today need to manage large volumes of patients while finding ways to keep them engaged outside of the clinical care setting. Technology can help, but one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always address an individual’s needs. EmmiSmartTM programs are designed to address this need by delivering highly personalized conversations over time to large populations of patients. The product portfolio helps optimize clinician and staff time, extend their reach and improve care, while giving patients the most appropriate help and support they need to manage their health.

What is EmmiSmart?

EmmiSmart programs use a proprietary set of rules and algorithms to analyze data, individual behaviors, interaction patterns, and expressed preferences to change a variety of conversational elements including information, tone, pace, and frequency.

As a person’s needs change, the conversation will self-adjust to deliver more relevant support. Data captured during each conversation is reported back to the clinical team, helping them understand how patients are progressing, and who might need more dedicated help.

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