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June 10, 2009

Emmi Solutions Partners with AdherenceRX

AdherenceRx Partners with Emmi Solutions to Expand Its Web-Based Patient Self-Management Tools in their Behavioral Health Coaching Model.

CHICAGO, IL – Jun 10, 2009 AdherenceRx, a leader in physician and pharmacist prescribed health coaching services steeped in the methodology of behavior science, has partnered with Emmi Solutions, the market leader in interactive patient engagement programs, to deliver reliable and integrated patient self-management services. At the direction of a patient’s health coach, patients are prescribed a series of interactive patient education modules aimed at improving health literacy via a unique and effective technology platform that tracks patient engagement.

Interactive patient education is becoming essential in establishing baseline metrics related to a patient’s health literacy and understanding of a particular health condition. With access to survey tools at the end of each on-line experience, health coaches can learn more about patients and their likelihood to be compliant with a physicians prescribed therapy. Moreover, it’s a powerful vehicle that supports health coaches in tailoring their interventions to the patient’s needs, challenges and motivations. Armed with this information, health coaches can work with patients to overcome their inherent behavioral challenges associated with non-compliance.”In order to truly improve health outcomes, patients need to be part of the care team and have more seamless access to information about their health care,” said Chris Cresswell, President and CEO of AdherenceRx.

“This functionality is a critical component of a health coach’s ability to connect to his or her patients more efficiently and effectively.”

AdherenceRx will integrate Emmi® programs into its behavioral health coaching model, helping patients gain the knowledge, confidence and motivation to take a more active role in their medication adherence.

“By partnering with AdherenceRx, we are expanding the model for traditional health coaching,” said Ronald Rooth, Chief Executive Officer for Emmi Solutions. “The combination of Emmi Solutions’ emotionally-engaging user experience and AdherenceRx’s health coaching, will build stronger relationships with patients, assisting them in adhering to their medications and resulting in improved clinical and financial outcomes for patients and providers.”Programs cover a wide range of health conditions, spanning across chronic and specialty conditions. Emmi programs tailored to culturally diverse populations and caregivers are in development for AdherenceRx to support the various specialty segments of patient care–such as Alzheimers and Diabetes–within the African-American and Hispanic populations. About half a million programs per year are issued to patients.

About AdherenceRx

The AdherenceRx is a joint venture between Washington, D.C. based Innovative Partner Solutions and Cincinnati, Ohio based Hummingbird Coaching Services. The model is centric to one-on-one personalized health coaching programs designed to assist patients overcome the many hurdles preventing them from adhering to one or more prescribed therapies, managing their health, adopting healthy lifestyles, and ultimately establishing behaviors that drive sustainable long-term positive health outcomes.

Leveraging expert health coaching with state-of-the-art technology and the latest teachings of behavioral science, AdherenceRx offers a personalized, cost-effective approach that increases patient adherence while enhancing patients’ ability to improve their health by giving them the resources, tools and support necessary to become successful and living a healthy lifestyle. This proprietary system combines the benefits of one-on-one live personal health coaching with the flexibility, efficiency and affordability of Internet-based and mobile phone delivery.

Equally as important, AdherenceRx allows patients to transition into a more automated virtual behavioral health coaching support over-time once patients demonstrate a “likelihood” for compliance based on integrated survey tools administered by their health coach. This allows the model to be cost-effective for most pharmaceutical brand and health plan sponsors.

Unlike most traditional call center coaching models, AdherenceRx leverages behavioral experts and approaches to improving medication adherence. A few examples of the techniques used by our coaches include:

  • Self-Observation & Monitoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Interactive Patient Education
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Social Support
  • Dynamic Patient Incentives