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February 07, 2017 — Blog Post

Improving Population Health at Mercy

As healthcare continues shifting toward better value, including improved outcomes, higher quality and lowering costs, engaging patients in their care−both in and outside the clinical care setting–is more important than ever.  Yet, patients are often ill-equipped with the tools and information they need to make appropriate decisions about their healthcare. 

Competing priorities, patient volume, and limited time make it difficult for healthcare organizations to reach their patient populations in an ongoing and meaningful way–and, improve care throughout the care continuum. For most organizations, an immediate challenge is how to fund an increase in staff, or, ask current clinical staff to do more when resources are already stretched razor thin.

With one of the largest ACOs in the country, Mercy health system encountered these same issues.

“Just like all organizations, especially in population health, you struggle with how to transition beyond that 15- or 20-minute visit,” said Adam Whitten, director of primary care transformation and ambulatory care at Mercy Health System.

Mercy needed a way to reach patients beyond the clinical care setting, to extend relationships, and educate and engage people in their health.  The challenge was how to do it effectively without relying on additional human resources or existing clinical staff.

That’s where Emmi came in. To help reduce strain on staff and increase conversation with patients outside of the clinical setting, Mercy began prescribing Emmi multimedia programs to patients. These easy-to-use, online programs were prescribed to patients informing them of overdue preventive services, explaining the importance of these services, and, ultimately, empowering them to take action in their healthcare.

The impact was notable.                                                             

Per Laurie Haj, RN, manager of analytics at Mercy, “Without Emmi, we wouldn’t be able to do nearly as good of a job reaching out to our patients… it’s very labor intensive to do with real people.”

Using Emmi’s solutions, Mercy has been able to extend their reach beyond the clinical care setting, engaging patients with communications and content that is easy to understand and personalized to each patient’s specific medical needs.

View the Mercy video to learn more about how Emmi helped Mercy improve population health.

To find out how Emmi can help supplement your population health initiatives, contact us.

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Bottom Line is the final word in patient engagement for healthcare executives.