Webinar: Creating an Engaging Shared Decision Making Process

Creating an Engaging Shared Decision Making Process: Decision Aids & New Research on Clinical Encounters

Watch the replay of our live webinar on shared decision making (SDM), decision aids and the clinical encounter.

Featured Panelists:

  • Angie Fagerlin, PHD

    Chair of Population Health Sciences, University of Utah Research Scientist, Salt Lake City VA President-Elect, Society for Medical Decision Making

    Dr. Fagerlin is an experimental cognitive psychologist. Her research focuses on testing methods for communicating the risks and benefits of treatment to patients and testing decision aids in clinical practice. Her current research examines how decision aids affect patient-physician communication.

  • Geri Baumblatt, MA

    Executive Director of Patient Experience


    Geri has designed and produced multimedia decision aids and oversaw the creation of Emmi’s decision aid library. She frequently provides workshops, participates in panels, and lectures on SDM at the Society for Medical Decision Making, the Brookings Institute, ICCH, IHA, HCEA, the Beryl Institute, Duke and Northwestern.

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