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Build patient relationships and promote medication adherence

  • Drive intervention programs
  • Support specialty education
  • Streamline costs

Retail pharmacies are already on the frontlines of patient interaction and engagement. Emmi® interactive engagement solutions can provide pharmacies the tools to engage individual patients at the right time, place, and on the devices they already own to build greater trust and communication with their pharmacist as a care provider and resource. Emmi programs can be used to encourage compliance with medication regimens, timely scheduling and participation in programs to improve health outcomes and well-being.

Helping improve patient medication adherence supports better patient outcomes and may increase prescription fill numbers. Holistic, point-of-care, educational programs help increase loyalty and differentiate the pharmacy in the marketplace, and that can help increase foot traffic and basket size.

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Decision Aids and Patient Support Programs

Encourage medication adherence and offer support for chronic disease management

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Streamline Processes

Expedite and drive key processes, like prescription refills and MTM service scheduling.

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Patient Loyalty

Encourage loyalty, improve certain quality ratings scores and brand awareness with value-added content and personal connections

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